Born A Jew... Die A Jew by Yohanna Chernoff


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The Story of Joel Chernoff's Father, Martin Chernoff, and the early Messianic Jewish Revival.
Born into an Orthodox Jewish family, Martin Chernoff was destined to be a man of vision. His three important visions, the first in 1948, the second in 1963, and the third in 1970, encouraged him to become one of the key pioneers in establishing the modern-day movement of Messianic Judaism -the end-time revival of God's Chosen People. The journey would take him from Toronto, to the Carolinas, to Atlanta, to Knoxville, to Cincinnati, to Philadelphia and would be fraught with many personal trials and much opposition from those who could not understand what this man was doing or where his steps would eventually lead him.
Rabbi Chernoff hardly understood himself where he was headed. He only knew that he was being directed by the hand of Almighty God. Here is the thrilling story, step by step, from the pen of his widow Yohanna Chernoff.


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