Shalom Friends!!

Throughout the years, the pioneering lyrics and sound of LAMB have provided countless hours of joyful praise and meaningful worship for followers of Yeshua around the world, both Jew and Gentile alike. Many of LAMB's classic songs have become anthems of faith in the Messianic community that are sung in congregations and homes and wherever else believers in Yeshua gather together to praise and worship their Messiah!
I invite you to browse through the catalogue of CDs and DVDs that are available to purchase here on this site or, if you prefer to download digital copies of your favorite LAMB songs instantly, just look for LAMB on iTunes or here!
In Yeshua,
Joel Chernoff

History of LAMB

Lamb, consisting of Joel Chernoff (lead singer/songwriter) and Rick “Levi” Coghill (producer/guitarist) was formed in 1972, and is considered by many to be the music group responsible for pioneering and popularizing Messianic Jewish music.
Lamb, whose recordings have sold over 600,000 copies, has produced 14 Messianic recordings many of which have reached Top 10 status on the contemporary religious charts.
Joel Chernoff has also recently recorded and released two new solo national recordings from Galilee of the Nations entitled, The Restoration of Israel and Come Dance With Me.
In 2005 Galilee of the Nations/Integrity released a new Lamb recording called The Sacrifice. This time Joel is joined by Messianic music newcomer Ted Pearce. (Ted replaces Rick Coghill.) The two of them bring a fresh and contemporary Messianic sound that sounds like old Lamb with a few new and exciting surprises. Ted’s guitar playing, vocal prowess and songwriting ability beautifully complement the classic trademark Lamb sound which is Joel’s voice and songwriting.

Featured Albums

Lamb & Joel Chernoff's Discography

1 Lamb Favorites (CD) (LAMB)

When you listen to these Lamb favorites, you'll feel just like the lamb on the cover of this CD

2 Mercy Calling

Since the release of her first EP, You're My Heart, Sharon Wilbur has toured all over the world sharing the prophetic message and passionate vision God has placed within her

3 The Sacrifice (CD) (LAMB)

Lamb's latest recording! Featuring Ted Pearce

4 New Mix (CD) (LAMB)

A beloved compilation of classic Lamb songs

5 Come Let Us Celebrate (CD) (LAMB)

Celebrate what? How about God's Love, goodness and faithfulness to all of us as well as His people, Israel

6 Lamb Live! Vol 2 - Dancing In Jerusalem (CD) (LAMB)

Get ready all of you Lambphiles

7 Songs For The Flock (CD) (LAMB)

This was our first all praise album designed to lift the listener into a true experience of Messianic joy and worship

8 Come Dance With Me (CD) (Joel Chernoff)

Solo recording

9 Lamb Live! (CD) (LAMB)

The classic live recording

10 Dancing In Jerusalem (CD) (LAMB)

This 1988 release was the beginning of a new upbeat, hi-tech direction for Lamb, and it represents a real innovation in the history of Messianic music

11 Seer (CD) (LAMB)

By far, Seer has been the most popular item ever offered in our catalog

12 The Year Of Jubilee (CD) (LAMB)

A celebration of rejoicing and exultation! - that's how we like to look at this album

13 The Lamb Trilogy (3 Albums in a 2-CD Set) (LAMB)

For years, our loyal Lamb fans had asked us to put our early recordings on CD

14 The Restoration Of Israel (CD) (Joel Chernoff)

Solo recording